Enhanced Data Control Features deepleaps com Fantasy Realistic Pho S2258533636 St25 G7.5

OpenAI Reveals Enhanced Data Control Features for ChatGPT: Introducing New Ways to Manage, Export, and Delete User Data

Enhanced Data Control Features deepleaps com Fantasy Realistic Pho S2258533636 St25 G7.5
Enhanced Data Control Features, deepleaps.com

OpenAI, the pioneering organization in artificial intelligence, has introduced a suite of enhanced data control settings for its popular AI chatbot, ChatGPT, in a bid to offer users comprehensive control over their data.

In a move hailed as the next step in data autonomy, users can now disable their chat history and selectively determine if their conversations will be used to enhance the AI models’ performance. As part of these changes, OpenAI has also provided options for users to export their ChatGPT data or permanently delete their account.

This is how it works: To disable chat history and model training, users can visit the ‘Data Controls’ section under ‘ChatGPT’. With this feature enabled, new conversations won’t contribute to the training and improvement of AI models. It’s important to note that all conversations will be retained for 30 days to monitor any potential abuse, after which they’ll be permanently deleted.

However, OpenAI reminds users that disabling chat history won’t deter unauthorized browser add-ons or malware from storing conversations. The company has laid out detailed guidelines on how to disable chat history and model training for further clarity.

The ability to export ChatGPT data marks another significant step towards transparency. Users can find the ‘Export Data’ option under ‘Settings > Data Controls’. This feature allows users to receive a file containing their ChatGPT data via email.

For users wishing to delete their ChatGPT account, the process is irreversible and can be accessed under ‘Settings > Data Controls’. It’s worth noting that API users using the same account will also see their data erased upon account deletion.

OpenAI’s approach to personal data use is centered around improving its models without selling services, advertising, or creating profiles of individuals. The organization uses data to enhance the helpfulness of its models, with ChatGPT, for instance, gaining insights from the conversations users have with it, unless the user chooses to disable such training.

When history is disabled, new conversations are removed from the system within 30 days and are only reviewed to monitor for potential misuse. Existing conversations, unless the user has opted out, may be used for model training.

Another critical point of these new settings is the behavior of the chat system when a conversation closes. If history is disabled, the conversation will not be visible in the user’s history and cannot be retrieved. For abuse monitoring purposes, new conversations will be retained for 30 days before permanent deletion.

OpenAI assures there are no limitations or restrictions on the number of conversations one can have while history and training are disabled, a feature available to both free and Plus subscribers. Additionally, OpenAI will continue to honor previous opt-out requests made to its support team.

For those seeking to keep their chat history active but disable model training, OpenAI is developing a new offering called ‘ChatGPT Business’. This new service will default to excluding end-users from model training. Until its launch, users can opt out of data usage to improve OpenAI’s services by completing a form provided by the company.

The upcoming ChatGPT Business plan promises to provide professionals and enterprises with enhanced data control features. The service will use OpenAI’s API data usage policies, ensuring end user data will not be used to train models by default. The launch of ChatGPT Business is planned in the upcoming months, adding a new dimension to the AI chatbot ecosystem.


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